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Key Write


Slide sleeve over key head.

TIP: Sleeves can be expanded slightly by inserting scissors into sleeve and pulling the handles apart.

Hold sleeve in  place with pliers, tweezers, clothespin, etc.

Dip the key in boiling water. The sleeve will quickly shrink to fit the key head.

To Label, use the Sharpie Industrial pen or attach a preprinted label.
QUESTION: Do you have to use hot water to heat the the sleeve?

ANSWER:  The best and easiest is boiling hot water.  It applies the heat evenly to the sleeve and is not hot enough to melt the sleeve.  But you can use any heat source, a hair dryer, heat gun, stove top, even the dash of your car in the summer.  You will need to be careful to not apply to much heat or the sleeve could melt.

QUESTION:  What colors do the sleeves comes in?

ANSWER:  Currently the colors are Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.  Custom colors can be requested.

QUESTION:  What is the best way to trim the sleeve to keep from covering the key ring hole?

Answer:  With most medium size key heads this is not a problem but with our small size sleeves we precut a moon shaped piece out of one end.  If you have a medium or large key head where the sleeve covers the key ring hole you can cut a moon shape from one end. 

QUESTION:  Can you write on the sleeve with any marker?

ANSWER:  Yes, but we recommend the Sharpie Industrial marker, it is the best we have found for writing on plastic.